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Essential Oils

7 Best Essential Oils for Stress

ByEric MelilloMar 30, 20218 min read

Consider aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils, as one more tool in your stress-fighting toolbox. Science has shown that essential oils do have calming effects and can improve your mood. Below you’ll find seven of the best essential oils for stress that have proven calming and anxiety-relieving benefits. You don’t need to invest in them all, just pick on or two that speak to you. Essential Oil Safety It’s awesome…

Healthy Eating Lifestyle

How to Build New Habits With Things You Do Everyday

ByEric MelilloMar 30, 202110 min read

Why do we struggle to keep a certain habit? Why is it so hard to maintain momentum? We might not realize it, but our brains are in constant reward-seeking mode,…