I want to let my readers know about the resources that I’ve found helpful. Some of these contain affiliate links which I earn a small commission from (and costs you the same). Some of them are not affiliate links, but ones I highly recommend. All of the links are based on my own purchases and experiences with the product or service.

I’ll be updating this often, so check back!

40 Plus Resource List for Health Home and Work

Creating Healthy Habits

  • Atomic Habits – a book by  James Clear that covers a simple framework that you can use to start building habits and sticking with them. There is also an accompanying workbook that you can use to start overcoming your unhealthy habits and starting new ones.
  • Asana – I use this app to keep all my daily reminders. It’s meant for teams, but I use the free version for personal uses.
  • ToDoist – This app is another great tool for reminders. It’s meant for both personal and teams, although I think it does a little better as a personal app.
  • MyFitnessPal – This is a great app for logging food, exercise, and tracking your water intake.

Essential  Oils

  • Young Living Oils – These are the main oils I use for myself and my family. They offer top quality oils that are a wonderful addition to my stress-fighting toolbox.
  • Edens Garden – I’ve also used this vendor for my oils and they do have essential oils that are more cost-effective. My personal opinion is that Young Living is better and offers more oil choices. For instance, Edens Garden does not offer CBD oil. Young Living does. Both of these are good places to buy, depending on your preference.
  • Diffuser – I highly recommend a couple of diffusers for your home or office. They are life-savers!

Healthy Eating

  • Thrive Market – Get healthy items delivered to your door. I love this option because I have trouble finding items in the store and I can just order them online.
  • Naturally Keto Cookbook – This is a great cookbook for Keto beginners with a lot of recipes and helps for getting started on your weight loss journey. Created by the author of the Sugar-Free Mom.
  • – Tons of recipes for sugar-free and low-carb eating plans.
  • Keto Daily – Keto recipes at your fingertips!
  • Wholesome Yum – Another keto blog, which also has gluten-free recipes too. She states her recipes have 10 ingredients or less!
  • Swerve Sweetener – They provide sugar-free sweeteners that are great for the Keto diet. They offer sugar, brown sugar, and confectioners sugar alternatives.
  • Truvia – A good sweetener for your coffee. You don’t need much of this and you won’t miss the sugar!
  • Zevia – No calories, carbs, or sugar but all the taste. I love this brand for when I’m craving pop.
  • Almond Flour – I love Bob’s Redmill Superfine flour. It works in most recipes and isn’t gritty like the thicker flours.
  • Coconut Flour – Another Bob’s Redmill ingredient I enjoy using. If your recipe calls for coconut flour, this is a good one.
  • Primal Kitchens – They provide mayo, bbq sauce, ketchup, and more! Great product to support your keto or sugar-free diet.

Home & Decor

  • Target – Who doesn’t love them? They have a fantastic selection of home decor items that make life easier.
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer – I couldn’t do my cooking and baking without having the proper equipment. It’s more than a mixer. Buy the attachments like the shredder, the pasta roller & cutter,  or the spiralizer for even more options!
  • Silicone Bakeware – These are super easy to clean! With almond or coconut oil, you still should grease the pans you use, but having this bakeware has saved me a lot of time.

Cleaning / Organizing

  • Bottles – I like these bottles and these foam pumps I purchased from an Etsy shop. They work well for pump hand soap. For spray bottles, try these.
  • Dr. Bronner Soap – I use this create handsoap and use it in sprays for cleaning. You can buy the non-scented one, or the brand carries scented ones like peppermint, lemon, orange, and eucalyptus.
  • Dust Mite Pillow Covers – Protect your head and face from nasty dust mites.
  • Dust Mite Bed Covers – If you have a bed older than 5 years old, you have a lot of dust mites. Do yourself a favor and protect yourself from these bugs.
  • Cleaning masks – Use this to prevent breathing in allergens.
  • Air Purifier – If you have allergies, you need a HEPA air purifier for your bedroom. I have one of these in my room and it has kept down the number of breakouts and attacks I’ve had from dust mites.
  • The Method Soap & Cleaners – These soaps and cleaners are a much healthier, non-allergenic option than other brands that contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. I use these when I don’t have time to make my own.
  • Wool Balls – I used these instead of dryer sheets which often contain chemicals and fragrances that make me break out. These last a long time, which saves money and helps your loads dry faster. If you want a scent for your clothes, try using a couple of drops of essential oils on the balls. The smell will last for several loads.
  • Allergy Safe Laundry Soap – I personally use the Arm & Hammer brand, but the 7th Generation brand is great too.
  • You Need A Budget (YNAB) – A budgeting tool that gives every dollar a job and helps you keep your finances on track. Use this link to subscribe and get a free month!

Stress-Free Shopping

  • Shipt – Use this service to have a shopper get your groceries. This is such a nice service and the shoppers are very friendly and helpful. Use my link and get it for half off!
  • Warby Parker – Get your prescription glasses sent to your door. No store! By using their app and easy instructions, you can avoid the stress of eyewear shopping.
  • Everlywell Testing – They provide food and nutritional testing to see if you are deficient or have intolerances. Use these test to talk to your doctor about your health. Tests are done at home with a finger prick and results are emailed within 5-7 days after the lab gets it. (Use this link and get 25% off!)

Quit Your Job & Freelance!

We can’t always quit our jobs, but you could even moonlight or run a side hustle. When you start earning enough income, you can quit and be your own boss. Although being your own boss has its own stressors, it’s still better than working in a stuffy office with limited creativity or growth potential. The sky is the limit when you run your own business. Be your own boss with these links that will help you set up your website, grow your marketing, and thrive in your business.

WordPress and Blogging

  • Studio Press –  They own the Genesis Framework, which is what my WordPress theme is built on. Genesis is clean and optimized for SEO and the web.
  • Convert Kit – Service for automated email sequences, which makes creating emails and sending them a breeze. Convert Kit offers a trial and even sends you a free t-shirt!
Old Glasses
Free shirt from convert kit!

Social Media Resources

  • Tailwind – Schedule posts to Pinterest and see your numbers grow! Using a Pinterest strategy will improve your blog traffic.
  • Smarter Queue – Schedule your social media posts with ease. This app is a helpful tool to help you create an editorial calendar that puts out your content on a schedule. Using this frees up your time. I recommend still checking in to your social channels to respond to comments, add real-time content, and connect.


  • Creative Market  – Various resources from print materials, illustrations, vectors, fonts, and other design assets that will help you design lead magnets or social media images.
  • Canva for Work  – I use this app when I want to create graphics quickly without having to pull out the Adobe products. The templates in Canva are easy to use, modern, and come with free stock images and illustrations. Use the free version if you have limited spending. The premium comes with many other features that I enjoy using.
  • Shutterstock – Stock photo subscription service. Tons of photos to choose from, however, there is a monthly or yearly fee involved depending on the plan you choose.
  • Unsplash – Free photos. I’ve found a lot of good quality photos here, but a lot of people use Unsplash so you’ll be using photos others are using on your posts and social media.
  • Pexels – Another free photo website with other options that Unsplash doesn’t provide.


  • Flywheel Hosting – Freelancers who need fast hosting use Flywheel. It comes with excellent customer service, tutorials on how to use, and a clean control panel. Plus, it’s super fast! No one wants to wait for your pages to load, so Flywheel makes your site load fast. Now includes Genesis Framework and free themes!
  • Tasty Plugins – Get others to post your pinterest pins! This plugin allows you to change the description, titles, and anything else. Hide images in your posts and they’ll only be seen if someone wants to pin your post to pinterest.

Classes & Training

  • Complete Convertkit Tutorials – If you use convertkit, these tutorials are helpful for getting started and working with the tools offered.
  • Digital Commerce Academy –  This course will teach you how to market your business that revolves around digital products.
  • Pinterest Academy – Learn the ins and outs of using Pinterest for your business.
  • Facebook Blueprint – Learn to create your Facebook page, run ads, and promote your business.
  • Meera Kothand – She teaches blogging, email marketing, and more! Her Addicted Business Academy is well worth the monthly fee! Definitely check out her free stuff as you will learn quite a bit with her valuable information and classes. You can also find her books on Amazon and sometimes get them inexpensively.