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Hi, I’m Michelle

Are you wondering if I’m one of those CBD oil, hemp-using, chilled-out hippies? Sadly…no…but I am one of those stress-less, relax-more, creative-loving wanna be’s. I write to Type A women (like myself) who struggle with anxiety, anger, and other symptoms of stress. I offer support and guidance for finding ways to let go of the chaos (even if you don’t know what that looks like).

My goal is to bring back joy and promote a healthy wellbeing. My mission is to help you eliminate the unnecessary and make time for the things that encourage a calmer you.

I offer natural solutions and easy-to-use habits. Do less not more!

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Is Stress Normal?

Most people can handle the day-to-day stress like doing a presentation at work, an unexpected financial burden, or getting into an argument with your spouse. We might have negative feelings with this, but we work through it and find ways to process it.

The stress that harms us is called episodic acute stress. If you are the type to worry a lot or consider yourself Type A, then you might struggle with this unhealthy version of stress. Are you angry and irritable, unable to control your emotions? Are you experiencing high levels of anxiety? Do you have mental fatigue? Stress might be the culprit.

I offer support and encouragement to help you cope with this kind of stress. I offer natural solutions and help you learn to let go.

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