Could it really be stress?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are struggling with physical problems that seem to come out of nowhere. You feel anxious and depressed. You sometimes feel like your moods are out of control. Or maybe you just feel unwell and don't know why. You can't put your finger on it. What could it be?

If you are nodding yes to these statements, then I have your back!

Introducing the Am I Stressed Checklist!

In less than 10 minutes, you will:

* Be able to identify your biggest problem stressors
* Have an overall idea of the ways stress affects you
* Have a starting point for brainstorming solutions for your biggest stresses

10 Minutes to learn if it's stress (even if you don't feel stressed out)

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    Michelle Buck

    Writer & Designer

    Learning to embrace balance

    Who am I to tell you this?

    I write about self-care, healthy living, and creating a better life. I've been published at Quiet Revolution, where I wrote a post about journaling and grief. I'm a writer and designer that left the corporate world after physical problems with stress. I'm a married, mother of 3 children (all with various special needs) and I'm learning to set healthy habits and live a more balanced life.

    What if I don't feel stressed out?

    Women are often busy people. They are caregivers and empathetic people who often look after the needs of others. That's why we often don't think we are stressed out or overwhelmed. We push our feelings aside and ignore our nudges. So maybe you aren't aware that you feeling bad.

    This checklist will help you learn:

    • Which physical symptoms you are dealing with
    • If you are feeling anxiety or depression and it's more than just nervousness
    • If your struggling relationally and how it might show up in your life
    • What areas at work are affecting you
    • If you are struggling with your belief system or sense of purpose
    • If you are struggling with more than just forgetfulness

    Take this 10 minute assessment and be armed with knowledge to help you move forward into better health!